Contract Staffing Services

Swan Global assists you in hiring contract staff either on long term or short term basis. After the recruitment, we deploy the candidates on Swan Global visa. We also manage the Human resource department and other administrative tasks. Our professional services are present throughout the day and night, and the employees’ helpline makes it possible for the contracted staff to ask any question that they might be having, and this results in a smooth workflow without any... Read More

Contract Staffing Benefits

  • When you allow us to work for you, the first batch of CVs will be available within one working day if your situation is urgent.
  • If you have no pressing time issue, you will receive the first double screened batch of CVs within three days.
  • Minimization of the employee’s cost, which you can utilize in other essential activities of your organization.
  • Immediate and efficient deployment of employees with strict adherence to ISO certified operations
  • You can also do a replacement...Read More

192+ Companies use Swan Global services

  • “Swan Global helped incorporate practical, result-driven human resources practises into our business”

    Mujeeb AhamedGeneral Manager

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