Job ID : 1033
Location : Qatar
Employer Type : Private
Employment Type : Part-Time
Contract Duration : 6 Months
Application Deadline : 2019-09-20

Job Description
Support the Environment Specialist in following up the established environmental monitoring. Assist and Participate with the Environment Section team in planning, carrying out, monitoring, and improving the functions of the Environment section. Update and develop relevant procedures, works instructions related to environment and assist regular external and internal audits on Quality as per schedule whenever required by the head of Environment. Considering the field-office job ration is 75/25, the Environment Officer is required to spend more working hours on field site. Hence, valid Qatary driving license in this case is required.

1. To implement the daily environment plant tours as per the schedule designed by the Environment Specialist, prepare and submit the tour observation reports, and the follow up the progress of findings as observed during the tour. Carry out routine environmental inspection around Company premises (plants area and office buildings), to identify areas of poor housekeeping, prevention of pollution, and waste management. 2. Actively participate in the Marine ecology survey and environmental monitoring. 3. Perform and follow up day-to-day environmental monitoring activities/services (ambient air, noise, surface water, groundwater) with the rest of the organization. 4. Support the Environment Specialist in waste management activity. 5. Maintain record on the Waste Management Inventory. 6. Have a strong communication skill for being able to interact with Supervisors/Operators and relevant function during routing inspection. 7. Initiate the field surveys report, to follow up the condition and to provide the advice to close the observation once been rectified by the concerned Area Responsible. 8. Collect and maintain the environmental monitoring data and submit to the Environ Specialist for further evaluation 9. Perform daily area tours during the plant Major Shutdown. Observation report preparation and communication with the concerned area responsible for improvement 10. Collect the data and update the monitoring statics of the monthly Environmental monitoring 11. Prepare the MME (Ministry Municipality & Environment) Quarterly Environmental Monitoring Reports for further verification by the relevant Environment Specialist. 12. Monitor and review the completeness of fairing/venting data entry by individual plants 13. Prepare the Flaring/Venting monthly report for further verification by the Environment Specialist 14. Participate in the relevant Section’s report preparation 15. Responsible in entering and maintaining environmental data into the Environmental Portal (Online Environmental Database) 16. Evaluating and following up the implementation, validity, effectiveness of environmental procedures (under Environment Section) 17. Supervise / Coordinate activities as instructed by Environment Specialist in areas such as waste management (skip inspection / reports, packing of spent catalyst, Chemical/oil spill handling), environmental publicity activities / Environment campaigns / environmental exhibitions, plant shutdown etc. 18. Environment Monitoring data presentations preparation 19. Review and revise the existing environmental awareness training material, and ability to propose for additional new subject as per the needs 20. Participate in organizing the Environmental Awareness training, and other related training which is organized by the Section 21. Participate in any campaign related to the HSEQ Department activity 22. Close work with staffs of different level within the section and other section for obtaining inputs for environment activities vice-versa 23. Participate in meeting/discussion and communicate with other trades in Company in the field of interest 24. Support Environment Specialist performing the Chemical Hazards Risk Identification

Job Requirements
Experience in the same field.