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We’ve developed specific domain expertise in a few verticals. Get to know us now.
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Recognition Of Our Excellence

Swan Global has been awarded and recognized by the Ministry of Labor, Qatar for our continuous efforts toward revolutionizing the recruitment process

Our Services

Whether it is for the short or the long-term, for O&G or hospitality, for blue, grey or white collar expertise, our range of services can scale up or down as required by a myriad of industries. Explore our bouquet of offerings that we have honed over the years.

Temporary Staffing Services

Times are tough and the world is unpredictable. We are seeing turnaround times at a pace of never before. Businesses often need to hire candidates at a short notice, and we are always ready for these spikes in demand by drawing from a vast pool of temporary staff who are pre-vetted and ready to take on short, medium and longer-term assignments


Contract staffing

We understand the need for agility and we have created the systems to enable this. Our transparent commercial terms allow our clients to renew or extend their contracted staff, at any point of time.

Contract staffing

Recruitment Services

In the 21st century geography can not, and will not, be a limiter to our clients choosing world-class talent. Swan Global’s reach spans the globe, and our systems rapidly identifies, onboards and deploys exceptional talents beyond boundaries


Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Global markets represent huge opportunities for growth but companies often don’t want to incur the costs and risks of relocation. Using PEO solutions, companies can now deploy their team anywhere in the world without taking on any risks or administrative burdens The world is changing and so should your recruitment practices. Long gone are the days where a physical office was necessary to operate in a new geography.

Payroll Management

We can take on the data-intensive and tedious work that clients often find to be a drain on their in-house resources. Our payroll services fit seamlessly into our existing infrastructure, allowing our clients to focus on growing their business instead of such peripheral services.


Executive Search

Unique challenges call for unique talent solutions. A general job posting may not help you fill a highly specialised seat on your leadership team. Our wide selection of seasoned professionals from across the globe will help you fill boots, regardless of how big they maybe.

Blue Collar Manpower supply

Our payroll hosts many 1000+ of highly competent blue-collar workers. We have built a long-term relationship with each one of them, as they now understand and appreciate the stability we bring to their lives, as well as their families. Having been deployed multiple times across many clients, they are highly adaptable and in-tune the demands of rapid deployment.

blue collar

Our Process

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our systems rapidly identifies, onboards and deploys exceptional talent beyond borders.

Swan Global’s 10-Step Recruitment Process

Initial Screening In India By 3rd-Party Vendor


Application Review

CVs and cover letters are reviewed and filtered



Shortlisted applicants are sorted on the basis of skills and experience


Background And Documents

We have all candidates screened for industry black-listings and criminal records. References are also called and verified at random

Senior Swan Recruiter Screening


Personal Interview and Soft Skills assessment

Candidates are invited in for a face-to-face, or video interview


Competency Check

A generic industry knowledge testing is conducted


Organisational Fit matching

The Senior Recruiter, who is well versed with client and industry requirements looks for potential best-fits between our candidates and our clients

Swan CRM Team Screening



Existing required documents are rechecked and further steps to complete the end-to-end documentation process to ensure a smooth cross-border and cross-organisational transition


Swan Global Induction and Orientation

All staff are inducted into the values of Swan Global. At this stage of the recruitment process, candidates become official Swan Global staffers. We share a perspective on how all staffers can develop their careers at Swan Global alongside some of Qatar’s, and the world’s, most influential organisations


Client-Staff matching exercise

Our team goes on to match our staffers with our clients to ensure the best possible fit. At this stage some staffers may be redirected to further training. Successful staffers are assigned to clients as is required


Client Induction and Orientation

Staffers are handed-off to the client, and are further inducted into the ethos, processes and project-specific trainings by our clients


To learn about our professionalism and work ethics, read our best projects review summary by clients.

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