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We are at the beginning of a major transition in the relationship between companies and the individual worker, and the reorientation toward employee experience, where the lifecycle of the employee moves front and center. As the pace of business moves increasingly to realtime, so too must internal operations, like the many activities in human resources, or people operations as it is increasingly known.

A common denominator between the researchers, faculty, and innovators within the Qatar Foundation (QF) ecosystem is that each is inspired by the creation of new knowledge. While the work of QF’s partner university graduates, its researchers, and Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) tenants can sometimes be confined to the margins of research papers and behind-closed-doors demonstrations, that isn’t always the case. With that in mind, we’ve collected five unique apps that either originated or reached fruition within the environment of QF:

Officials in Qatar have apparently softened requirements on expats who wish to switch employers inside the country. The move comes a month after a new law that relaxes no objection certificate requirements took effect. In late December, Qatar’s labor ministry published a list of conditions that needed to be met for an expat to change employers.

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