Our Vision

To be the primary link between organizations and people in the MENA region, driven by a world-class service.


Our Mission

To have staffed 12,000 individuals on the Swan Global roster by December 2032.

Our Values

Agility In Speed And Offerings

Our clients expect a quick turnaround time and we have always delivered. Whether it is equipping Qatar’s largest oil rig/stadium, or finding highly specialised skillsets.

Reliability And Integrity

We have consistently demonstrated reliability and integrity in a myriad of ways. Our strength lies in the fact that our staff are already on our payroll offering immense stability to our clientele. From our staff’s perspective our rosters are reinforced with stable incomes and benefits, ensuring that not only our clients find us reliable, but also every single person on our roster.

Learners For Life

We take pride in incubating and developing the careers of our teams, to ensure that they are ready for the international market. We equip them with people skills, technical ability and region-specific knowledge like cultural insights and licensing. We consistently develop our employees’ talents, initiative and leadership