About Company

We Make Businesses Great By Providing Skilled And Professional Talents

Swan Global values relationships. We understand that humans organising themselves for goals larger than themselves is at the heart of the progress of civilization. For this end, we are here to facilitate organisations and individuals coming together.

We do this by taking out the mundane admin-intensive work that comes with human-resource management. This allows our clients to focus on strategic initiatives, and let’s our candidates focus on honing their skills.

Servicing global clients in the world’s largest sectors. Headquartered out of the prime district of Doha, we are one of Qatar’s fastest growing staffing & recruitment companies. Since 2014, we have equipped over 240 companies with over a 250,000 staff, clocking over 24 million person-hours of work. The Swan Global team ensures staff onboarding of suitable candidates within 04-06 weeks.

We have a large roster of blue, grey and white collared workers specialised work, ranging from engineering-led heavy industries to soft skills interaction-based verticals across the country.

We are proud to say that almost every construction company in Qatar has Swan staff building their business. As we grow roots in a wider business ecosystem we have staffers, on our payroll, in Oil & Gas, Retail, Hospitality, and many more.

Swan Global At The FIFA World Cup

With the run up to the FIFA World Cup, we are now working closely with multiple partners working with the global event. We are proud to share that Swan Global has played a crucial role for the FIFA World Cup. We worked on staffing for the extensive infrastructure development, including the building of stadiums. We achieved this by meeting the high standards of compliance set by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC). The SC is the governmental organization that created the benchmarks for all the vendors who work for the FIFA project.

North Field Expansion

As of June 2021, the Qatari government pledged an investment of USD 28.75 billion into the North Field Expansion. The goal is to double the energy production sector in the next seven years. With this on the horizon, the nation is now set to see further influx, of funds, technology and of course people, from some of the world’s major players from the energy sector. Swan Global already works with Total, Shell, EXXON Mobile, ABB, Saipan, and is preparing to work with many more in the coming years.