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    Client FEEDBACK

    Our Customers Love What We Do

    We had a highly specialized requirement for a large-scale project, for which we needed to mobilize a range of resources within a short period of time. We had put out this project with multiple staffing vendors. Swan Global came back to us the fastest, with the most competent resources on offer.

    Johnny Andro
    Director, Company

    Swan Global has become our most trusted recruitment partner having proved themselves on multiple occasions. We have had to on-board 100s of staff over the past few years, in dozens of rounds. Swan Global’s repository of highly qualified personnel has been indispensable for our organisation’s growth.


    The stability of Swan Global having a resource bank on payroll is very useful to us. Prior to our relationship with Swan we would hit roadblocks when specialised grey-collared workers would stop coming to work. This often resulted in a domino effect of multiple departments unable to move forward, as the overall pipeline was affected. This in turn, would result in the entire project slowing down, thereby impacting our final budget and deadline. Ever since Swan Global has overseen our recruitment and onboarding processes this is no more a problem as we know that they have multiple options under each resource category.


    The staff we have onboarded via Swan Global has the highest attendance across all our projects. We believe that this is because of the healthy people-management practices within Swan Global. The stability that this has brought to our project is of immense value because we know which parts of the crew can be applied to the most crucial parts of our larger project.


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